All those users who have a download speed of 8 megabytes or more will be able to view our signal without any problem. Those who do not meet this requirement may experience some instability on HD channels.

There is no problem if you share your account with a family member or friend from abroad. Remember that you have 3 Connections.

There are a variety of devices compatible with IPTV, such as: Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony ...), Android TV or Tv Box, Smartphone, Tablet, Iphone tv box and any laptop or desktop computer ...

Everything will depend on the speed of internet you have, in the case of us having an update or maintenance, we will communicate it to all our clients through the group we have, We are one of the most stable services in terms of sporting events.

Remember that buying on facebook or free market is not safe, we offer stability and guarantee of the most important television events.

You will necessarily have to buy a tv box, apple tv or chrome cast

Frequently asked questions about using IPTV

IP television, or television over IP, or IPTV is a form of television broadcast over a network using the Internet Protocol.

The term "IPTV" encompasses live television, video on demand (VoD), game on demand (in English Game on Demand, GoD or Cloud Gaming) and catch-up television (in English English "catch-up TV"). The methods of communication are diverse. Live TV uses a multicast IP solution, which allows information to be sent once for multiple people. VoD and catch-up television use a unicast IP solution (a single destination for these streams).

IPTV uses the same infrastructure as Internet access, but with reserved bandwidth. In France, IPTV is often provided with the broadband Internet subscription offer. Suppliers speak of a triple-play offer (Internet, telephony, television).

IPTV can also be deployed in private communities, in fact, this allows a hotelier, hospital, or a vacation home to be able to offer a bouquet of IPTV channels as well as a range of billable and on-demand services, the establishment offering this network is considered a telecom operator.